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Mixing Service

Basically, mixing is the step before mastering . It involves adjusting and combining individual tracks together to form a stereo audio file .  

The standard price for Mixing services is 

$25.00 Per Beat  

$50.00 Per Song 

$350.00 Per Album ( 10-15 tracks ) 


Once you have paid for a service , check your email to view your receipt .

Then email the files to your track to   .

Please include the name of the track to be mixed in your email , along with a contact phone # . 

You will receive a reply email confirming that we have received your files & are beginning the Mixing process . A phone number with a point of contact from our company is provided to you in this email as well . 


Note : All tracks submitted for mixing MUST   be tracked out into individual .wav files and all mixer effects/ plug-ins ( Reverbs, E.Q.'s etc. )  must be removed . This includes the ( Limiter ) on the Master Mixer  Chanel . Wev want your raw file with no tampering , so that we can provide the best mix of your tracks .

Respectfully ,

Bionic Music Group